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17 Mar

Potable water in
Likoni creek - Likoni

Likoni is a division of Mombasa County, Kenya, and is located to the south-west of Mombasa Island Although the area is heavily built-up with aging offices and apartments constructed centuries prior, the area also exhibits many examples of even older, more traditional Portuguese architecture. Likoni also has a high concentration of Boda-boda services. Likoni is inhibited with a huge number of lower class people who mostly ply the ferry to and fro Mombasa Island in search of their daily bread.

Likoni waterkiosk is located along the road, a few kilometres from the sea. Its supplies 20,000litres of hygiene drinking water with a 9.8kW solar array for the entire system.

Key Facts

Country, region
Kenya, Mombasa County

Technology transfer
solar-powered water treatment plant for the production of clean drinking water by modified reverse osmosis

Impact achieved access to drinking water at affordable rate to the public

commissioned in February 2021