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WaterKiosk Africa
6 May

Water supply in the
capital city - Buruburu

Buruburu is a large middle-class residential area within Nairobi capital which comprises five phases, one being the oldest, with the fifth completed in 1982. The houses in Buruburu resemble modern architecture of white buildings with striking orange tiled roof tops, all built in a town-house orientation. Buruburu gave rise to modern-day Sheng, a language spoken by virtually all of Nairobi’s youth. Buruburu was built as a middle-income estate in the 1970s and 1980s and inhabited by Kenyan business people, government officials, professionals and a few expatriates on short-term assignments. The estate comprises five phases of 1000 units each. The houses were mainly two storey maisonettes with 3-4 bedrooms, and 2–3-bedroom bungalows. Deep borehole exists in the area and are rather not suitable for drinking. Buruburu Waterkiosk has a capacity of 20,000liters per day and powered by 9.8kW solar array

Key Facts

Country, region
Kenya, Nairobi County

Technology transfer
solar-powered water treatment plant for the
production of clean drinking water by modified reverse osmosis

Impact achieved access to drinking water at affordable rate to the public

commissioned in February 2021