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WaterKiosk Africa
6 May

Water supply next to
the desert - Wajir

Wajir Three WaterKiosk is located in the interior most part of Wajir County. Residents walk long distances in search of water for their domestic use. Due to insecurity issues in this region, it has become a challenge for many to walk back home on the scorching sun with the water they had gone to fetch, hence making the process of going to fetch water a hard task.

WaterKiosk has built a desalination plant to assist the residents’ access fresh hygiene drinking water easily. The plant serves more than 400 homesteads with hygiene drinking water, powered by a 9kW solar array. This plant saves the residents’ time and money for its availability and affordability.

Key Facts

Country, region
Kenya, Wajir County

Technology transfer
solar-powered water treatment plant for the
production of clean drinking water by modified reverse osmosis

Impact achieved access to drinking water at affordable rate to the public

commissioned in December 2020