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We are not only manufacturers.

At WaterKiosk®, we are not only building machines in our workshop in Nairobi. We want to see the impact we create and talk, understand and be with the people, who need and use our solutions the most.

We are not only manufacturers.

We go in the fields and work together with the organizations, which are building a better future for Millions of people, and join them setting up the systems all over the world. Additionally, we founded WaterKiosk Africa ourselves, with which we bring our machines to East Africa to produce drinking and irrigation water in places, where there are no natural water sources.

Some of our latest projects.

Going to the Philippines

Potable water in Likoni creek - Likoni WaterKiosk®

Water supply next to the desert - Wajir WaterKiosk®

See it yourself.

Water in a Disabled Children School

Discover WaterKiosk Africa​

Water Desalination in Zanzibar

Water in the Middle of Nowhere