Our systems are developed and manufactured in Germany. We are committed to social business and decent access to hygiene drinking, irrigation and sanitation water.

Hygiene Drinking Water

The solar water desalination system is able to produce drinking water directly from high saline water sources through reverse osmosis process. This solution has supply capacity of 1,000 liters to 30,000 liters of hygiene drinking water per hour. 

Off – Grid

A fully off-grid solution running on solar energy with no need of expensive battery banks or diesel engine. All components are designed to work with DC electricity input from solar panels.

Remote Monitoring

The system is under 24/7 live surveillance from the monitoring office to guarantee the greatest performance of the systems.


The technology is simplified from its complexity, where a plumber with a wrench and a screw driver can take care of over 70% of the maintenance.


Carefully designed for low-income communities with all their needs and requirements catered for thereby reducing the cost of accessing drinking water by 90%.

Integrated Approach

WaterKiosk’s commitment to provision of water to off-grid communities is not limited to drinking water alone, but also, having an integrated approach; drinking water, irrigation water, sanitation water, and electricity supply solution for farmers and villagers around the globe is key to increase their resilience against the growing climate change impacts.

Providing easy access to water is our main goal!

We are committed to social business and decent access to hygiene drinking and irrigation water.
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